DTBA Constitution


October 23, 2016
Constitution of the Dogwood Trails Baptist Association
 Article I- Name
The name of this body is the Dogwood Trails Baptist Association.
 Article II- Objective
Dogwood Trails Baptist Association exists to encourage fellowship and cooperation among the churches and to provide assistance and service to member churches in fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.
Article III-Authority
SECTION A: The Association is under the authority of Jesus Christ. The Association affirms the independence of its churches; the independence of the conventions to which it relates; and its own independence to achieve the purposes for which it exists.
SECTION B: This Association shall be deemed as advisory to its member churches, and shall treat its member churches as independent bodies in all matters of internal government, and shall at no time interfere with their rights.
Article IV-Membership
SECTION A: The Dogwood Trails Baptist Association shall be composed of Baptist churches cooperating to carry out the purposes identified in this Constitution, giving financial support to the Association, and in doctrinal harmony with the current Baptist Faith and Message as adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention.
SECTION B: Churches are expected to participate in the Association by:
1.      Sending messengers to the Annual Meeting.
2.      Contributing to the mission’s budget of the Association.
3.      Providing an annual Church Profile Report.
4.      Participating in the meetings of the Executive Board.
SECTION C: Application for membership in the Dogwood Trails Baptist Association is to be made in accordance with the procedures outlined in the by-laws.
SECTION A. There shall be an annual meeting of the Dogwood Trails Baptist Association at such time and place agreed upon at the previous annual meeting. The purpose of the annual meeting is to receive reports, act upon recommendations and authorize the work of the Association for the coming year.
SECTION B. The Association reserves the right to refuse to seat messengers from any church which departs from the principles of this compact by becoming heterodox in faith or disorderly in practice.
SECTION C. Duly elected messengers from churches will be seated at the Annual Meeting of the Association by vote of the messengers in the first business session. If there is a challenge to the seating of a messenger or messengers, it shall decided by majority vote of the messengers present and voting.
Article VI-Officers
The officers of the Association shall be Moderator, Vice-Moderator,, Clerk and Treasurer. The Moderator shall serve as Chair of the Executive Board.
Article VII-Executive Board
SECTION A. The business of the Dogwood Trails Baptist Association shall be conducted between Annual Meetings by an Executive Board. The Executive Board shall have power to act for the Association but shall do nothing contrary to the purpose of the Association. Membership of the Executive Board is specified in the by-laws of the Association.
SECTION B. The Executive Board shall have the power to designate the registered office and appoint the registered agent of the Association to the Texas-Non-Profit Corporation Act.
Article VIII-Trustees
Trustees are Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Clerk and Treasurer.
 General Responsibilities
                        a) Acts as the legal agent of the Association
                        b) Sign legal documents upon authority from the Association.
An Executive Director (Director of Missions) shall be called and elected by the Executive Board and shall hold office as long as mutually agreeable. He shall maintain an Association office and employ in consultation with the Executive Board such staff as may be necessary for the functioning of the Association.
Article X-Finance
SECTION A. This Association shall be financed by voluntary contributions from the member-churches, and other organizations and persons interested in its work. It may also acquire funds from additional sources, such as property sales or exchanges or bequeathed income properties, investments and dividends.
SECTION B. All funds shall be managed by the Executive Board of the Association. Generally accepted financial procedures shall be practiced.
Article XI-By-laws
By-laws that guide the operation of the Association shall be adopted by two-thirds (2/3) majority of the messengers of the Association in its Annual Meeting.
Article XII-Amendments
This constitution may be amended at any regular Annual Meeting of the Association be a two-thirds (2/3) majority provided the amendment is introduced and approved by an Executive Board meeting prior to the annual meeting.
XIII-Legal Status
SECTION A. The Association shall be duly charted under the statutes of the state of Texas, and as a Non-Profit Religious Corporation, encompassing all benefits and responsibilities this status provides.
SECTION B. Upon dissolution of the corporation the assets of the corporation shall be distributed exclusively to Southern Baptist affiliated charitable, religious or educational organizations which would then qualify under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
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