October 23, 2016
Dogwood Trails Baptist Association
Article I – Membership
(Reference Constitution Article IV)
Section A.       Any Baptist Church wishing to enter into a cooperating relationship with the Association shall present a petition to the Petitionary Letters Committee at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting date. Upon approval of the Petitionary Letters Committee, the petition shall be presented to the messengers at the Annual Meeting of the Association.
                        Upon approval by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the messengers present and voting, the church will enter into a one year probationary membership with the Association. During this one year of probation the church is encouraged to participate in the work of the Association: financial contributions, attendance at meetings, and provision of an annual report to the Association.
Section B.       Upon recommendation of the Petitionary Letters Committee and a two-thirds vote of messengers present and voting at the next annual meeting, the church will be accepted into full fellowship of the Association. (Exception: Those churches that enter through mission status or from a recommendation or commendation of a neighboring Association.)
Section C.       Churches are encouraged to participate in the Association by:
                        1. Participating in mission activities cooperatively planned through the Association.
                        2. Send messengers to the Annual Meeting of the Association.
                        3. Contribute to the mission budget of the Association.
                        4. Actively participate in the meetings of the Executive Board.
                        5. Share resources with sister churches within the Association.
                        6. Provide an Annual Church Profile report.
                        7. Actively benefit from the shared resources of the member churches;      such as, consultation, training, mentoring, camps, classes, etc.
Section D.       In the event a church exceeds two years in non-participation in any activities of the Association, the Executive Board may initiate communication with the church as to whether it desires to remain identified with the Association.
Section E.       Upon written complaint of unsound doctrine by a member church regarding another member church, the Executive Board, after counsel with the church with a goal of redemption, may recommend at the Annual Meeting to withdraw fellowship from the offending church. The letter of complaint must be filed with the Petitionary Letters Committee at least two months prior to the Annual Meeting. A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote by the messengers is required to exclude a church from membership.
Article II - Annual Meeting
(Reference Constitution Article V)
Section A.       This body shall meet annually at such time and place as it may determine. The organized body of the Dogwood Trails Baptist Association, when assembled, shall be composed of messengers duly elected by the churches and reported by letter from the churches. Such messengers shall be seated on the following basis:
                        1. Two messengers from each church and one additional messenger for each fifty members.
                        2. No church shall be entitled to more than ten messengers.
Section B.       Information regarding the election of messengers will be provided to member churches.
Section C.       In case of emergency, the Executive Board shall have the power to call an extra session of the Association, or change the time and place of the Annual Meeting.
Article III – Executive Board
(Reference Constitution Article VII)
The Executive Board shall act on behalf of the Association in the interim between annual sessions.
Section A.       Membership
                             1. The pastor and staff members of each cooperating church and the pastor of each congregation sponsored by a cooperating church shall be members of the board.
             2. Two (2) additional Board members from each member church shall be members of the Executive Board.
             3. All officers of the Association shall be members of the Executive Board.
Section B.       The Executive Board shall meet at a time and place determined by the vote of the Executive Board itself, with the time and place publicized to all members of the Executive Board and to all member churches of the Association.
Section C.       The Executive Board and members present shall constitute a quorum for a meeting.
Section D.       The Executive Board shall make an annual report to the Annual Meeting of the Association.
Section E.       The officers elected at the Annual Meeting shall serve as the officers of the Executive Board.
Section F.        The Executive Board shall have the power to designate the registered office and appoint the registered agent of the association pursuant to the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act.
Section G.       Administrative committee consists of Associational Officers and chair person of standing committees.
Article IV – Rules of Order
The latest edition of Roberts Rule of Order will be the authority for the parliamentary rules of procedure for all meetings pertaining to the work of the Association.
Article V – Officers
(Reference Constitution Article VI)
Section A.       The Association in Annual Meeting shall elect a Moderator, Vice Moderator, Clerk and Treasurer. Officers shall assume their responsibility at the close of the Annual Meeting at which they are elected. The Vice Moderator shall succeed the Moderator in case of a vacancy.
Section B.       The Moderator shall preside at the meetings of the Annual Meeting and Executive Board.  The Moderator shall not be eligible to serve more than two years consecutively.
Section C.       The Vice Moderator shall preside in the absence of the Moderator and whenever requested by the Moderator.
Section D.       The clerk shall keep accurate and official minutes of the Annual Meeting and each meeting of the Executive Board.
Section E.       The Treasurer shall be responsible for the maintenance of accurate and official financial records of the Association.
Section F.        Officer Vacancies between Annual Meetings shall be filled by the Executive Board, with recommendations from the Nominating Committee.
Article VI – Staff
(Reference Constitution Article IX)
Section A.       The Executive Director will give leadership to the Association consistent with the constitution, By-laws and Policy Procedure Manual of the Association. He will serve as an ex-officio member to all Boards, Ministry Teams and committees with power to make recommendation and to enter into discussions of all matters being considered, but without the power to vote.
Section B.       The Executive Director shall be called and elected by the Executive Board, and shall hold office as mutually agreed. For the employment or discharging of the Executive Director a two-week notification to all Executive Board members shall be given, and a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of those present is required.
Section C.       Each staff member will be designated as Ministerial Staff or Ministry Assistant. All Ministerial Staff will be elected by the Executive Board, upon recommendation by the Executive Director. All Ministry Assistants will be employed by the Executive Director.
Article VII – Trustees
(Reference Constitution Article VIII)
                        Trustees are Moderator, Vice Moderator, Clerk and Treasurer.
                        General Responsibilities
                                    a) Act as the legal agents of the Association
                                    b) Sign legal documents upon authority from the Association.
Article VIII – Amendments
(Reference Constitution Article X)
As provided in the Constitution, these By-laws may be amended at any general session of the Annual Meeting of the Association, provided that the amendment is introduced and approved by an Executive Board meeting prior to the annual meeting.
Article IX – Organization and Policy
Section A.       The Executive Director shall maintain a current Organization and Policy Manual by which the purposes of the Association shall be administered.
Section B.       The Moderator in consultation with the Executive Director may create such ad-hoc work-groups necessary to fulfill the purposes of the Association.
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