East Texas Hospitality House

Leader: John & Debbie Gleason


Our guests for the year totaled 1004. We served 1911 meals and saw at least 5 people come to accept the Lord as their Savior. We saw many families touched by the hands of churches in East Texas who show their love in a real and practical manner that awes people from around the globe.
We want to say thank you for the opportunity to serve through this ministry again. We are blessed to have the chance to come and work hand in hand with people willing to reach outside their comfort zone and touch lives in a significant loving way. You have no idea how many folks are completely blown away by providing a place where their families can come rest and see Christ’s love in such a fashion. We hear people say over and over that I cannot believe anyone would do something like this just to help “Us” out. We would not be able to see our loved one for who knows how long if we didn’t have this place to come to.
We want to say thank you to the Morgan family for the wonderful and loving manner in which they operated the house. Many people from all over the state ask about them and ask us to say thank you for all they did to help change lives through their love and compassion.
Our mission purpose here at the Hospitality House is to minister to families of incarcerated persons in the prison units in the Tennessee Colony and east Texas area. This ministry is carried out in so many ways……from hugging someone as they walk in the door after driving/traveling 6, 8, 10 hours, praying with them because they feel the weight of the world on their shoulders, laughing as we work a puzzle together, worshipping together at Bible Study on Saturday evening, listening to someone as they share what is on their hearts, and loving them as we show them in a practical way that Jesus loves them and so do we. Oh, what an amazing mission field we have right here in our own backyards!!! We would love for you to be involved with us in this ripe mission field!! There are several ways that you can get involved both individually or as a group.
1.        PRAY – pray for the workers and volunteers each weekend as well as the families that come and stay each weekend while they visit.
2.        GIVE – the building is paid for, but we still have monthly expenses -
utilities, food, repairs, etc. As a church, you can consider putting the Hospitality House in your monthly mission budget.
3.        DONATE – Canned goods – vegetables, diced tomatoes, Rotel, soups,
chili, tuna, Vienna sausages, fruit, coffee, snack things, paper towels, napkins, pudding, cake mixes, brownie mixes, etc. We also always need paper towels, napkins, sturdy paper plates, plastic utensils, and 8oz and 16oz paper cups. We would love for someone to make some homemade cookies for us to keep in the freezer and use on Friday nights.
4.        VOLUNTEER – We need people to come on the weekends and help
with meals, laundry, and to register and visit with the guests. We also
could use someone to help in leading the adult and children’s Bible
Study on Saturday evening.
If you would be interested in helping in any/or all of these ways, or you would like for us to come and speak at your church about the Hospitality House, please feel free to call John or Debbie at 903-928-0116. We would love to visit with you and share with you our excitement for this ministry.
In His Love, John and Debbie Gleason


East Texas Hospitality House
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  July 2021  
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