Skyview-Hodge Visitors Center
Leader: Maxine Pierce & Joy Mathis


2010 Annual Report
Skyview / HodgeVisitorCenter
365 County Rd 2792
Rusk, TX
We, Maxine Pierce and Joy Mathis, have taken on the responsibility of co-directors for the visitor center on April 1, 2010. We have been very busy installing new outdoor light fixtures, planting flowers, trimming and mowing. We also pressure washed the building.
The Warden volunteered his people to repaint the Family Visitor sign. They did a great job!
This is a great ministry; so many people come from all over Texas and surrounding states. It is a great refuge for them and many tell us what the ‘Blue House’ means to them. This is a good opportunity for our volunteers to serve the families in so many ways; a cold drink, a glass of water, snacks, witnessing to them or giving them some quiet time. We need more team leaders and volunteers to give of their time. The rotation is every seven weeks. We would like to encourage the churches to participate in this ministry.
The ladies at Eastside Baptist in Rusk make crafts that are donated to the center to be given away each weekend. The visitors really enjoy getting their crosses.
We hand out Bibles, new testaments, donated by Mrs. Ollie Parrott from the Gideons. The Bibles go fast. We could always use more Bibles, both English and Spanish.
We furnish clothing for the visitors to use if they don’t meet the prison dress code. We also have a shower and furnish toiletries if needed. Many people donate items and we appreciate everything.
There have been a few occasions when we have come to the center and found a soul who needed ministering to. We see these as divine appointments.
This is a ministry that serves people, just as Jesus would have us do. It is a great opportunity to put your love for the Lord and people to a very good use. Please contact us if you would like to donate items or your time.
The center had 2,148 visitors from Sept 2009 – Aug 2010. Thank you everyone that has helped the center this year.
God Bless!
Maxine Pierce Co-dir
Joy Mathis Co-dir


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